Fred Cairns - Promotion & Design Technician

Fred Cairns is a failed architect, having studied at Edinburgh University. He has tinkered with computers for twenty years, and uses them for his graphics work. He has worked on magazines, both illustrating and formatting, and enjoys typography, having developed a number of his own fonts. For some years he drew a regular cartoon strip for a national magazine. He has worked internationally, providing illustrations for commercial purposes - both for presentations and web-based applications. Currently he works on database applications and indulges in design projects when the mood takes him.


alx2Alx Leeks - Photographer

Alx is Marion's cousin, and a talented musician. Her album, Hanging the Star, is due for release shortly. Between working as an agent for some well known bands, and filming her own music videos (on Coldplay's piano no less!), she finds the time to take professional photographs. As she says: "It's all about the moment - whether it's music or photography - and that's how I live and create. It's about finding the spark inside people and coaxing it out. Same goes for my music. It has to be real or you'll never believe it."




Dan Ben Matthews - Illustrator

Dan is one of life’s free spirits, continually turning his attention to exciting new projects. A talented artist since childhood, he regularly creates magical storybooks, three-dimensional cards, and book illustrations - both on commission and as the fancy takes him. A graduate of Dartington School of Performing Arts and previously the BRIT School, he is currently based in Taiwan where he teaches English as a foreign language.




palma2Palma Rea – Artist & Illustrator of Poetry

Palma is a self-taught mixed media artist living in Italy.  She has always had a passion for being creative. Inspired by the use of colour, rather than subject, she plays on the way that different shades can affect our moods, reflect our feelings, and make statements. She believes that colours have a clear language of their own, one that transcends the spoken word. Her inspiration comes from many sources. Although a piece may start with a basic idea, those pieces soon take on a life of their own.