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Chick lit with balls.


Phoebe Gelber’s life is pretty much planned out. She’s going to marry her long-term boyfriend Mark. They will have children together and live happily ever after.  Until Mark unceremoniously shatters her dreams in a cubical of the women’s toilets after a boozy night out.

Life and sanity on the rocks, Phoebe is thrown into turmoil when she meets dishy George McCally. A whole new world opens up to her, one that will challenge both her own prejudices and those of the people around her.

Is love ever enough to overcome a lifetime of conditioning?

Orla, Phoebe’s best friend since childhood, doesn’t seem to think so. Their longstanding friendship is in danger of collapsing under the strain of intolerance.

Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Mark turns up on her doorstep with a drug habit and a change of attitude. Phoebe sees a side of him she never knew before.

The death of a mutual friend causes everyone to evaluate existing and new relationships. While some strengthen, others cease to exist. Ultimately, it is up to Phoebe to follow her heart and take a brave step towards an unconventional future.



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