Jaidis Shaw Interview + Giveaway

Earthquakes, parallel realities and historical mishaps - Marion is a featured author on Jaidis Shaw's blog, Juniper Grove, this month:

...It was about 4am on the last night we were there. I was in this really basic room in a local hotel. I remember drifting awake to the sound of a dog barking. Two seconds later I was WIDE awake. It was less of a wobble and more of a violent, bone-jerking shudder like those walkways at the fairground Fun House.

I remember lying there thinking: what do I do? Do I get under the doorway, do I go outside, do I crawl under the bed? In the end I just pulled the covers up and thought Ill either make this or I wont. I think the mosquito net gave me a false sense of security hoping things would just bounce off it...

Read the full interview HERE.

There's also a chance to win a free copy of Splintered Door at the bottom of the article.