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Interview from 9th May 2012 on Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog.

I think that Iíve always been a writer, in much the same way that Iíve always been female. Itís just something I am, rather than something I consciously set out to become. In that respect, Iíve been quite lucky. We tend to excel at the things we enjoy, and I enjoy writing immensely. Of course I have my off-days, and the occasional month of intellectual inertia Ė who doesnít? But I always come back to the page. I think, in order to write good stories, you have to love stories themselves. Within every author is an inherent need to communicate: ideas, expressions, knowledge. A compelling need to get something across. To reach an Ďaha!í moment of understanding with another person. Whether that person is reading you on a commuter train, whether theyíre lying in bed or rowing single-handedly around the world. We reach out with our words and seed imaginings.

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